Magformers, Basic set line, 62 pieces


  • Create tons of rainbow-colored, 3D shapes with this 62-piece Magformers magnetic construction set.
  • Magformers was designed to stimulate brain development, and this set is safe for kids as young as 3 years old.
  • This set features magnetic shapes such as squares, triangles, and pentagons, enabling the young builders with opportunities to create various designs, including a magic ball, dumb bell, or a turtle.
  • You’ll enjoy more colorful, magical, and powerful magnets in this larger version of the Magformers basic set.
  • The 62 Piece Set contains 30 squares, 20 triangles, and adds building diversity with 12 pentagons. A wonderful set for the novice builder who’s ready to leap into creativity.
  • Magformers magnetic building kits are easy to use and never frustrating, because the plastic-sealed magnets always attract. Build flat shapes, then fold them together to create 3D structures!
  • What will your Mighty Girl create?
  • You can give your kids a head start on STEM education through creative play
  • Age: 3 and up

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