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Whoola History

We inherited the toy store in 2009 from the owner of Great Games and Toys who started their business in Whistler over 30 years ago.

Four local moms rebranded the store to form Whoola Toys with the intention of offering merchandise exclusively picked by “Moms”.

None of us had any business background but we were passionate about keeping a locally run toy store in Whistler that offered a safe and fun place for kids to come and visit. We wanted to offer merchandise that kids could buy with their tooth fairy money or saved up coins from visiting the bottle depot.

We love seeing the smile on kids’ faces when they walk into our store and even the tears when they are leaving because it means they enjoyed their visit with us. We love watching them grow over the years and having them recognize us as the lady from the toy store.

Whoola Toys has evolved much over the years and will continue to do so by listening to every customer’s feedback, good and bad, as we strive to make their experience the best we can offer.

Since our opening, two of our partners have gone onto other adventures but we continue having dedicated and caring staff who carry our passion of creating positive experiences for everyone.

We like to believe that a visit to our store offers a well deserved break for everyone where everything is fun, happy and safe.

We hope to see you soon!