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Build a model space rover powered by the sun! Older kids and adults will enjoy the challenge – follow the illustrated instructions to build an intricate transport rover from beautiful, laser-cut wood pieces. Set your completed 3D puzzle in direct sunlight to put the system of gears, rods and wheels in motion. Check out the Transport Rover’s amazing details – from adjustable back wheels for changing direction to a moveable crane in back – and discover fun scientific facts in the instruction guide! This intricate puzzle provides many hours of construction fun. Average building enthusiasts can complete the puzzle in about 3 hours.

• Build a 4.74” tall wooden space rover that moves with solar power!
• Awe-inspiring finished form well beyond the norm for construction toys
• Combines all the benefits of traditional building sets with principles found in leading STEM toys
• Develops fine-motor skills, creativity, perseverance and dexterity
• Enjoyed by older kids and adults – a fun project to assemble as a group
• Includes 252 pre-cut pieces and detailed, easy-to-follow instructions
• Not meant for disassembly and reassembly
Age Recommendation: Ages 12 and up


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