The Tubiii is an excellent sensory toy. Slide the ball, pressing it so that it moves through the woven tube. Slide the ball through a woven plastic tube to reduce anxiety and stress.

SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE: Greatly helps children and adults with ADHD who have high levels of stress or anxiety

DISCREET DESIGN: you can squeeze or slide the marble ball back and forth, bend it and without be noticed.

EASY TO CARE: Made of premium BPA free FIBER and MARBLE, well knitted and durable, machine washable. Air dry only.

GREAT FOR SCHOOL: To discreetly keep hands busy and relieve stress, improve concentration

EXTRA DURABLE: Made of high density nylon to keep marble in place. Use a marble fidget mesh, like the Tubiii


Increasing Peace Of Mind, Helps Concentration, Antistress.

Approved by teachers: it is discreet which makes it an excellent sensory toy.

Specially designed for people who have restless hands and need to keep their fingers busy!

Making with high quality materials is strong, durable and safe for children and adults. Great for people with ADHD, ADD, autism, OCD, anxiety, high stress


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