POP Toy – Orange


POP TOYS, Infinite Bubble Wrap

Have you ever enjoyed taking bubble wrap out of a parcel box? Then you will love this infinite bubble wrap.

Like bubble wrap, squeeze it and it will burst producing a satisfying “POP”

Pop bubbles, satisfying ‘POP’ they are captivating to our senses.

Press the bubbles they will make a light ‘POP’ like bubble wrap. then turn them over and start again! It can be reused and cleaned over and over again.

Also, a portable board game, It can be played in a car, airplane, restaurant, campsite, school, office really anywhere.

This pop-fidget toy is a great sensory tool that you need over and over again.

Ideal for relieving stress and anxiety, special needs, autism, disorders and more.


Increasing Peace Of Mind, Helps Focusing, Anti-stress, Discreet, Fun, Quiet

Specially designed for people who have restless hands and need to keep their fingers busy!

Satisfying like bubble wrap

Made with high quality materials is strong, durable and safe

Great gift idea for the family

Great for people with ADHD, ADD, autism, OCD, anxiety, high stress


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