Labyrinth , 3D


What’s in the Box?

This item includes 1x Game Board, 26x Towers, 4x Playing Pieces, 12x Treasure Cards, 4x Rune Stones, 24x Spell Cards.


The beloved international classic, now in 3D! What’s new with 3D Labyrinth is that the game board has a 3D element, with players needing to go up and down levels as they travel through the maze. In a labyrinth of soaring towers and deep vaults, witches and wizards scramble to find coveted treasures. They cast powerful spells to teleport and shift the maze in their favor. Whoever collects their treasure first wins in this contest of minds and magic! As with the classic, treasures must be found by skillfully moving the rows of towers to clear a path ,but with this 3D labyrinth you have to take into account the tower heights too!

Age: 7 and up

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