Fidget Pad – Green


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Relieve stress and aid concentration with this fun sensory toy This educational tool is helpful and fun.

Fidget with a fidget toy, is useful! It helps to concentrate better, to increase our peace of mind and to release tension.

Loved by kids and student, anxious, ADHD and much more!

Discover now the satisfying experience of using a Fidget Pad.


  • Increasing Peace Of Mind, Helps Focusing, Anti-stress, Discreet, Fun,
  • Quiet Specially designed for people who have restless hands and need to keep their fingers busy!
  • Great for people with ADHD, ADD, autism, OCD, anxiety, high stress.


8 unique features that help with concentration and stress management.

– Click: 4 buttons, 2 buttons with a satisfactory “Click” 2 silent buttons

– Plays: A kind of joystick allows a satisfying multidirectional movement

– Press: continue to toggle the switch to release tension

– Turns: Satisfying to turn, also it can help you focus.

– Breathe: Surface friction will increase your peace of mind

– Spring Slider: Tilt the slider and the tension building up in the spring inside will instantly bring it to its original position.

– Massage: By sliding your finger on the roller, you will discover the experience of a finger massage

– Gear: The relaxing sensation of spinning a gear between your fingers


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