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It’s a tilting and spinning toy with a colorful spinner and beads that little ones can grip, tip and tilt. Simple and exploratory, babu Tilt & Spin is a modern twist on mulit-sensory toys for babies that offers pure and simple creative play options. Click and clack the beads and spinner along their track, while playing at cause and effect and immersing their sense of touch, sight and sound. babu toys are part of a beautifully crafted collection that’s a tactile, timeless addition to your wooden toys. Each piece is crafted from solid hardwood with a non-toxic, BPA-free, water-based finish.

• A modern multi-sensory toy that will be enjoyed for generations
• Inspires fine motor skills and sensory exploration and development
• Includes 1 Tilt & Spin toy
Age Recommendation: Ages 12 months and up


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