Adora BathTime Baby Tot Frog


  • Size: 8.5” Adora doll
  • Exclusive QuickDri™ Body
  • Ready to splish-splash in the bath or pool
  • Already in my swimsuit
  • Removable animal themed hoodie bathrobe
  • 100% Machine Washable
  • Fresh baby powder scent
  • Sweet ADORAble face
  • Ages 1 and up

Leap back to the water with Adora BathTime Baby Tot Frog for an endless splish—splash fun! This cute Adora mini water baby doll is 8.5 inches from head to its tiny toes, perfect for your little hands to carry and hold. Tot Frog has a squeezable soft and cuddly body and vinyl limbs with fresh baby powder scent. This frog-themed baby tot comes with his very own removable green bathrobe with pink scallop lining and embroidered with cute, big round eyes, nose and mouth of a frog.

BathTime Baby Tot Frog has blue eyes, soft blushing on the cheeks and soft-painted pink lips. This water toy has an exclusive QuikDri™ body that will dry in no time and will be ready to play again! This cute and petite baby bath doll is 100% Machine Washable safety tested, BPA Free, Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic, and Made with Love for your little ones age 1 and up.

Make bath time more fun and educational with Adora water toys. Choose among our cute and petite 8-5 inch BathTime Baby Tots and 13-inch BathTime Babies, 100% Machine Washable and safety tested for the little hands.


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